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Barcode Printer

Prints custom labels for each wine bottle with location, vintage, and other information.


17" touchscreen plug-and-play system designed by wine experts to help you manage your wine collection.

eSommelier - wine cellar software


Wireless handheld scanner allows you to pull up wine information and check out your bottle.



This all-in-one wine management system is the perfect accessory for the wine collector who has more than 500 bottles cellared. The touchscreen, barcode scanner and printer expertly fit this hand-made oak platform which compliments any beautiful wine cellar. The oak platform conceals all the wires and enables easy plug-and-play access on the back-side.

Wine Cellar Software Made Easy.


eSommelier has been the worlds leading wine cellar management system since 2003. Used by over 5,000 private collectors around the world, eSommelier has been helping sophisticated wine collectors keep track of what wine they have, where it is stored and when they should drink it. The system also helps you keep track of how much you paid for the wine, where it was purchased and what the current valuation is.

eSommelier - wine management software made easy


Expertly crafted oak box supports the interface, the barcode scanner and barcode printer, enabling a luxurious experience managing your wine collection.



Encased in oak is an expertly fitted wireless barcode scanner, a 17" touchscreen monitor, and a barcode label printer to catalogue your wine inventory.

eSommelier - wine cellar software specifications


Clean access ports to accomodate the 110-240 Volts AC, Ethernet Jack.


Your wine collection is precious. You may have a fairly good idea of what wines you have and where they’re located. But how often does a bottle get forgotten about – until it’s too late? You may have tried to maintain a spreadsheet or used one of those free online programs. But keeping them up to date is cumbersome, and just doesn’t happen.

As the world’s leading provider of wine inventory solutions, we understand what it takes to manage wine effectively. We developed our Private Cellar Management System specifically for wine collectors like you. The key is its simplicity.

The cellar software system consists of 3 parts that are enclosed in a handcrafted oak box: a touch-screen terminal, a bar code scanner, and a wine barcode printer. Once you receive the kit, you can install it in your cellar in minutes. A wired or wireless Internet connection is required.


It takes just a few seconds to enter a bottle into the system. A customized bar code label is printed, which you affix to each bottle. When it’s time to remove a bottle, just wave it under the bar code scanner and it’s automatically deleted from your inventory.

Perusing your collection is effortless, and can take place from the terminal or from any web browser. You can view your wine’s labels, tasting notes, ratings & drink dates (with subscription). Finding a particular wine by country, region, variety, winery, drink date, cost, and other factors is as easy as touching a few buttons.

The Private Cellar Management System makes wine collecting more manageable and more fun. Let eSommelier simplify your life.

wine management inventory specifications - eSommelier

Perfect Fit

The 17" monitor slides gently into a slot that has been crafted to support the screen at the perfect angle, concealing all the wires.

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