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Exceptional wine collectors
deserve exceptional technology.

We make products to help keep your wine cellar organized.







I actually enjoyed putting all my wine into the system and I can't imagine how I would keep track of all ther "ins and outs" without it. It works great."

Karl S., Walnut Creek California

eSommelier Private Wine Cellar Management System


Catalog your wine and scan out bottles in seconds


Access from anywhere


Integrates with the top wine rating and review databases


Automatic Valuation

Don't let your expensive wine turn
into cheap vinegar.

Your wine is meant to be enjoyed - not forgotten.

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Are you a sophisticated wine collector who:

  • Has trouble finding the right wine for the occasion

  • Are losing track of how much your wine is worth

  • Hates a disorganized cellar

  • Doesn't know what wine they have

  • Can't show guests what wine they have

  • Hates copying and pasting text into excel fields

best wine cellar management - esommelier



Happy collectors



known wines in the database


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Founded in wine cellar management

Access your current wine collection from anywhere.

The best private wine collections in the world are managed with eSommelier.

Drink exceptionally.

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Wine collecting made simple.

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Order eSommelier



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Take inventory

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Select the perfect wine.


Delivered anywhere in 3 days.

Assign location codes to each bottle and print custom barcode labels.*
*Concierge service available.

Scan the bottles out. 

Exceptional Wine Collection Management


"It is always reassuring when a company works quickly to correct any problems and stands behind its products. Your support was gratefully appreciated."

Jo Mark Z., Newfoundland


"I love my eSommelier. It’s simple to use and helps me pick the perfect wine."

Mark McGwire


"Amazingly simple. I love the iPad Web App - I can now show my guests what I have so they can choose."

Stephen P. Sacramento, CA.

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Is this your wine collection?

If you’re like most sophisticated wine collectors with over 500 bottles you want an organized wine collection and a fun and easy way of managing your wine. You want to be able to select the right bottle for the perfect dinner party or get together.


The problem.

It’s frustrating that you can’t find that perfect bottle in your own wine cellar because you don’t know or forgot where the exact bottle is stored, in which bottle hole or in which bin.

  • Valuable wine gets put away in random places and can’t be found when they want it.

  • Expensive wine ends up going past prime, gifted wine gets put in random bottle holes not to be found easily.

  • You may have tried to maintain a spreadsheet or used one of those free online programs but your wine data has become out-of-date and useless.

  • Wine subscriptions arrive at the home and put away without any cataloging or inventory management.

  • Don’t know how much your wine is worth as it ages.

  • Don’t know what wine is young, old, or just past prime.


Wine management made simple.

eSommelier has been the world's leading wine cellar management system since 2003. Used by over 5,000 private collectors around the world, eSommelier has been helping sophisticated wine collectors keep track of what wine they have, where it is stored and when they should drink it. The system also helps you keep track of how much you paid for the wine, where it was purchased and what the current valuation is.


As the world’s leading provider of wine inventory solutions, we understand what it takes to manage all the aspects of wine effectively. We developed our Private Cellar Management System specifically for wine collectors like you. The key is its simplicity.

How does it work?

The cellar software system consists of 3 parts that are enclosed in a handcrafted oak box: a touch-screen computer, a bar code scanner, and a wine barcode printer. Once you receive the kit, you can set it up in your cellar in minutes. A wired or wireless Internet connection is required.


It takes just a few seconds to enter a bottle into the system. As you type “CAY” for example, the system will recognize that you are trying to type CAYMUS, and assist you in entering the vintage, country, region, variety and the name of the wine. A customized bar code label is printed, which you affix to each bottle before you store it in a specific location. When it’s time to remove a bottle, just wave it under the barcode scanner and it’s automatically deleted from your inventory.


Perusing your collection is effortless, and can take place from the touch screen or from any web browser. You can view your wine labels, tasting notes, ratings & drink dates (with subscription). Finding a particular wine by country, region, variety, winery, drink date, cost, and other factors is as easy as touching a few buttons.


eSommelier makes wine collecting more manageable and more fun.

Have a wine collection that you’re proud to show off - inside your cellar and on your iPad.

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