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Frequently Asked Questions
about eSommelier

Q. What comes with the eSommelier system?

The system comes with a hand-crafted wooden box that encloses all exposed wires, a wireless rechargeable bar-code scanner, and a continuous label printer. It also comes with a roll of printer labels that will print about 500 labels for bottles. The box includes a quick-start guide that walks you through connecting it to the internet (wifi or Ethernet, although Ethernet is preferred). The system also comes with 1 year of support and everything that is included in the Annual Support Subscription. (See below)

Q. What is included in the Annual Support?

The first 12 months of support are included in your purchase of your eSommelier system. ($500 per year) At about 11 months in, you'll receive an email from us inviting you to continue your annual support subscription. Most eSommelier customers continue their support because they want to continue having access to these important features:

  • Technical Support (phone and email)

  • Software Updates

  • Hardware failure replacement

  • Current connections to popular wine reviewer subscriptions

  • Remote access to your wine collection through

  • Nightly cloud back-up

If you choose not to continue support, your system will continue to work as is, however you won't have access to these benefits. If your annual support subscription has lapsed and you would like to reinstate it, your payments of $500 per year will be applied to your account starting the day of lapse. You can renew your eSommelier support subscription here.

Q. What do I have to do to set-up my eSommelier system and start cataloging my wine bottles?

1. Connect to the internet (wifi or Ethernet)

2. Decide on location naming

3. Catalog your wine

Once you get your system connected to the internet, you'll want to think of a naming convention for your cellar space. Most collectors name their rows and columns like an excel sheet, for example Rows can be numbers and Columns can be letters. So, for example you can store your Caymus in B12 through C22. Some collectors store their wine in bins, so you can certainly name those bins anything you like as long as the name is less than 26 characters.

Q. Do you have to have the system connected to the internet? Wifi or Ethernet?

Yes, the system needs to be connected to the internet for full-functioning and software updates.

Q. Can I see my tasting notes from subscriptions I have?

Yes, eSommelier can make it easy for you to integrate your wine reviewer content while you are adding wine to your system.

Q. How often is the software updated and how does that happen?

Software is automatically updated about once per quarter as long as your eSommelier system is connected to the internet. If your system goes offline for whatever reason when it comes back online you will automatically get the updates. 

Q. Will my eSommelier system work if it's not connected to the internet?


Q. How do I access my wine remotely - for example through my iPad, laptop or phone?

Your system will have a software license number which can be found by pressing the "i" (INFO) button on the home screen. To be able to log in remotely via an iPad, Laptop, Table or your phone go to and create a member account using your software license serial number. Here you will create a user name and password which will allow you to log in from the current version of any major browser.

You will be able to do almost everything you can do on your touch screen on your Laptop with the exception of print labels and modify the system settings.

Q. Can I download excel reports of my wine data?

Yes. When logged into your account you can download your wine data in Excel and a Wine List as a PDF document by clicking the "i" INFO button. There you'll see several reporting options to click and download.

Q. Can I get on-site technical support with my eSommelier?

We do not provide on-site support, however we we can provide telephone and email support. If you are having problems getting your system connected to the internet, you can contact our support site.

Q. Can someone come to my home and catalog my wine bottles for me?

Yes. Please contact to request what we call "Concierge Service".

Q. If I have a question or problem who can I contact to resolve?


Q. Can I upload my wine data from an excel spreadsheet?

Yes. Contact us for an Excel template that you can use to populate your data. When done, we will upload the data to your system. 

Q. I can't log in to my system remotely. I am getting "SYSTEM OFFLINE" error.

You are getting this error because your system is offline. Please check that your system is connected to the internet. If it is connected, you will see an icon on the home screen on the lower right hand corner indicating a network icon as green. If you are presented with the Network Configuration screen, please select wired or wifi. If wifi, after selecting with your finger the wifi network you want to connect to, type in your password (encryption key) and then touch "APPLY". If you are still unable to connect to the internet, you can try a different wifi network, get a network bridge or repeater, or contact for support.

Q. Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes, provided you send back the system to us within 30 days of purchase, we will refund you the cost of the system minus a 20% restocking fee.

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