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How to Sell Your Wine Online
with eSommelier

eSommelier is partnered with Benchmark Wines to enable you to easily sell bottles of wine you have in your collection.

(Buying coming soon.)


Getting a quote is easy



Select the wine on your eSommelier system you are considering selling.



Get quote from Benchmark Wine to purchase your wine.



Have your wine picked up at your door and receive payment.

Benchmark Wine & eSommelier

How does Benchmark determine the purchase price for my collection? 
Benchmark has the most complete wine valuation software and data sets in the industry that optimally value all collectable wines based on recent auction and retail trades, current market trends and projections, and overall make-up of the collection.  These results are then reviewed by their appraisal professionals who can offer a range of options tailored to your goals. 

Will Benchmark purchase my entire cellar?
Benchmark usually purchases cellars that are $10,000 and above, but they are more than happy to review any collections containing highly desirable wines that are well stored and in re-sellable condition.

When can I expect a quote?
A Benchmark acquisitions professional will confirm receipt of the submission within one business day. From there you can expect to receive an offer on your collection within an additional two to three business days. 


If I accept Benchmark’s offer, what are the next steps?
Once an offer is agreed upon, Benchmark will handle all door-to-door logistics, including sending any necessary boxes and coordinating a return shipment. They use their contacts in the industry to provide the most efficient and reliable shipping solution for your wine collection. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, their cellar team can pick-up your large collection at no charge; and Napa locals are welcome to drop off their collection at Benchmark. Once the wines arrive at Benchmark’s Napa facility, they will perform an inspection of each bottle by hand and finalize payment details. 

For large collections (generally $100,000 and above) Benchmark can provide their White Glove Service, which includes sending a team to your cellar to inventory, inspect, and pack-up the wine on-site before initiating payment at the time of pick up. 

How to sell your wine through your eSommelier

On your home screen there is a button on the top right called "SELLING LIST". If you want to get a quote for some of your collection you'll see the running list of bottles that you have selected here.

Once you select a wine you can click the SELL button which allows you begin the process of getting a quote.

After pressing or clicking the SELL button you will enter how many bottles you may want to sell. By confirming you are simply adding those bottles to the quotation list. If you choose to drink that wine or decide not to sell those bottles, you can remove them from the selling list.

Once you are ready to get a quote, click GET QUOTE at the top right of the screen. After you enter your contact information in the pop-up box and hit SEND, your list of wine will be sent to a wine manager at Benchmark wine who will be in contact with you about your wine designation and will provide you with a quote and logistics information about the sale.

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