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How to Start a Wine Collection with eSommelier

eSommelier's Guide on How to Start a Wine Collection at Home

At eSommelier, we believe that your wine is meant to be enjoyed, not forgotten. Managing, organizing, and tracking your wine is cumbersome—whether you have five or 500 bottles in your wine cellar.

If your gorgeous at-home cellar is looking bare, you might be wondering how to expand your wine collection. Here are some tips on how to start a wine collection consisting of rare and expensive wines.

The Value of Wine Collecting

If you're a true wine coinsurer, you most likely already know the best bottles for personal consumption. But if you’re looking to take your collection to the next level, conduct research on wines that appreciate over time that can be sold for profit. Focusing on critical factors such as price, cellaring lifespan, and provenance/pedigree will ensure a valuable and profitable collection.

3 Tips on How to Start a Wine Collection

#1: Utilize a Reliable Source

It's essential that you only work with reputable wine importers, auction houses, or online merchants. The last thing you want is to purchase counterfeit bottles—always ensure you receive evidence of the authenticity of the bottles.

#2: Insure Your Collection

After spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on your rare wine collection, you must insure it. This way, you can rest assured that no natural disaster, accidental breakage, or theft will result in lost profit.

#3: Invest in eSommelier’s Wine Cataloging System

Once you've grown your rare collection, now you must learn to manage it. At eSommelier, we take pride in helping sophisticated wine collectors, like yourself, keep track of what wine you have in your inventory, the location of where it's stored, and when’s the best time to drink it. If your wine collection goal is to make a profit, our system also allows users to track the cost of wine when first bought, where it was purchased, and the current valuation.

Choose eSommelier

With over 5,000 happy collectors, 450,000 known wines in the database, and 18 years as a recognized world leader in wine inventory solutions, eSommelier is the optimal choice for managing your collection. Don't waste time maintaining a wine spreadsheet. Our Private Cellar Management System is specifically designed for wine collectors looking to gain greater control over their cellar's organization. Shop now online or contact us today for more information.

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