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When your collection exceeds 1,000 bottles, it becomes difficult to manage. What wines do you have? Where are they located? What are their attributes? eSommelier has a wine management system designed specifically for private collectors. 

It's a touchscreen that resides in your wine cellar. It comes with a bar code printer and bar code scanner. With this kit your cellar will be totally organized. You'll never misplace a bottle or find it after it is past its prime with our cellar software.

No other wine inventory system is as easy to use and as comprehensive. Imagine having tasting notes, ratings, and other info about your wine collection at your fingertips.
The hospitality industry faces significant challenges for wine management. eSommelier offers unique tools for customer presentation, cellar inventory, point of sale, and administrative reporting. Our solutions can be customized for the specific needs of any establishment from a small local restaurant to an international hotel chain. 

eSommelier is well known as a problem solver for establishments that have significant wine collections. Whether you need help maintaining accurate inventory, determining current valuations, or presenting your selections to customers, we understand the hospitality business and can offer solutions to increase your bottom line. Click here to learn more about our iPad Wine List.

When storing wines for multiple collectors, precise inventory control is essential. Both the facility and its customers require instant access to information. Whether it's a warehouse or a series of private lockers, eSommelier offers customized solutions that meet the specific needs of storage facilities.

Wine storage facilities around the world have relied on eSommelier to provide inventory management tools. Our systems allow every bottle to be tracked and instantly located by the staff. Meanwhile the owners of the wine can have a window to their collections, accessible from anywhere in the world. Any size facility can benefit from eSommelier's easy-to-use wine management system.


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